Criminal Arrests Up in Union County and Middlesex County

We previously reported on the 2008 criminal statistics for Monmouth and Ocean County, and the figures are now in on Union County and Middlesex County as well. There was a 9% increase in criminal charges in Union County.  Middlesex County rose slightly less at 8% in crime.  The upward trend continued to be in the area of non-violent property offenses like burglary, theft and larceny. Violent crimes experienced a 3% decrease statewide although both rape and murder offenses were up. It is believed that the rise in homicides was largely accountable to a spree of murders in Camden County. 

While the defense attorneys at our firm represent individuals in Municipal Courts and Superior Courts of Union County and Middlesex County almost daily, I cannot say we have noticed a trend in crime one way or another. We believe that the figures are relatively consistent with prior years.

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