Is National Legalization of Marijuana Foreseeable?

There has been considerable recent publicity concerning national legalization of marijuana.  I have even overheard other defense attorneys in Court voicing concern about how such reform would impact their NJ criminal defense practices.

The discussion primarily stems from optimism concerning “change” and the perceived “open mind” of President Obama.  Capital Hill blog recently went as far as to describe legalization of marijuana as a political opportunity.  The post may well have merit in view of the fact that one of the most frequent issues raised on the Obama transition site concerns legalization of marijuana.  

It is outrageous to me that issues like medical marijuana are even issues.  If someone has AIDS, MS, cancer, glaucoma, whatever, and cannabis has a valid medical application to help them, how is national legalization on this front even subject to debate?  When you attempt to branch out even more, however, the issue enters a more grey area, hence, the President’s stated position that he “is not in favor of the legalization of marijuana.”  If legalization is going to come, it probably will have to flow from state initiates like those in Massachusetts and Michigan.  However, NJ probably shall not be a part of this group in view of the fact that we have been unable to even pass a medical marijuana law to date. 

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