Is this a Sign that Traffic Enforcement is Succeeding?

The New Jersey State Police highway fatality statistics are in and the numbers have significantly declined.  In fact, there was in excess of a twenty percent reduction in the roadway fatilities in Monmouth County and Middlesex County, and an approximately fifty percent reduction in Ocean County.  The total fatalities statewide were 724 in 2007, as compared to 547 drivers and passengers in 2008.

There is no doubt that a number of measures were undertaken this year to insure that the fatalities were reduced.  In particular, the New Jersey Administrative Office of the Courts and/or Attorney General’s Office adopted strict rules prohibiting amendments of traffic tickets for probationary drivers.  They have also sought heightened enforcement against this class of drivers based on several highly publicized fatalities in prior years. 

My observation is that there are a number of factors which effected these figures including the reduction in driving which has taken place based on higher fuel costs and the declining economy.  Irrespective, it is nice to see that lives were saved this year.

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