Juvenile Detention Center Consolidation Continues in NJ

We previously outlined the planned elimination of the Warren County Juvenile Detention Center as a budget measure by the County.  The Freeholders had determined that it would be more cost effective to house youthful offenders at the Morris County center.  A similar proposal is now being considered by the Monmouth County Board of Freeholders.

The Monmouth County Sheriff, Kim Guadagnino, is scheduled to present a study concerning closing the Juvenile Detention Center and transferring offenders to Middlesex County.  The move has been a matter of considerable debate and one of the newly elected Freeholders was vocal in support of the measure.  Sheriff Guadagnino will be presenting a detailed report outlining the pros and cons of consolidation and the Freeholders will have to make the call on whether the jail shall be closed.  Monmouth County currently spends approximately $5.5 million annually to operate its Juvenile Detention Center.

From the perspective of a NJ defense attorney, the consolidation is unfavorable.  Aside from the logistical complications, the creation of a mini-Jamesburg is nothing to revel about.

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