Middletown DWI Checkpoint Schedule

The Monmouth County DWI Task Force conducts periodic roadblocks intended to apprehend and deter individuals from driving while intoxicated.  A checkpoint is scheduled this weekend in the Township of Middletown. The detail shall be stationed on Route 35 North from 11 PM Saturday to 3 AM Sunday at the Hudson City Savings Bank in Middletown. The police officers handling the roadblock shall include cops from Middletown and task force members. 

Middletown happens to be one of our mainstay municipal courts.  The Judges, Honorable Richard Thompson and Honorable Michael Pugliese, as well as the Municipal Prosecutors, Gerry Massell and Hank Gilbertson, are all reasonable and fair individuals.  We have been fortunate to achieve some great results in Middletown, including cases involving roadblocks.  Our lawyers would be happy to assist anyone with questions regarding a DWI in New Jersey, Monmouth County or Middletown.

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