New Jersey Driver’s License and DWI Convictions in Other States

We often receive calls from individuals who have a New Jersey Driver’s License and have been charged or convicted of driving while intoxicated (DWI) in another State. Basically, this is the procedure. The individual must first contact an attorney in another State (say for example North Carolina). They must then fight the DWI charge in the North Carolina courts and they are subject to the penalties for DWI in North Carolina. All North Carolina can do, because the individual has a New Jersey Driver’s License, is suspend the offender’s driving privileges in North Carolina and notify New Jersey of the DWI conviction. Then the individual will be subject to DWI penalties in New Jersey as well. Therefore, the matter must first be litigated in North Carolina and there are legal strategies available to avoiding punishment in New Jersey for this out of state DWI conviction. As a result, it is important to contact an experienced DWI attorney in New Jersey in order to avoid having your New Jersey Driver’s License suspended by the New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicles for an out of state DWI conviction. There will be a hearing at the Department of Motor Vehicles regarding your out of state DWI charge and it is important to have an attorney represent you in defending this matter.

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