New Jersey Gun Charge for Burress?

Unfortunately, the poor judgment shown by Plaxico Burress may have perpetuated into another problem.  It was reported yesterday that the Totowa Police Department executed a search warrant at Burress’ home and that at least two guns were confiscated, along with a cache of ammunition.  Various publications have reported that one of the firearms was a handgun.  It is presumed that Burress lacks a license for a handgun insofar as he apparently failed to possess one early this month when he shot himself in New York and it would be next to impossible to secure one in New Jersey in the interim given the pending charges. 

While I am not on a speaking basis with Benjamin Brafman, defense counsel for Plaxico, he clearly is a skilled and savvy attorney.  I could almost guarantee that he counseled Mr. Burress about the risk associated with continued possession of a handgun and the possibility of a search warrant.  It is extremely difficult then to explain why the firearm was found in Burress’ New Jersey home other than to simply attribute it to a course of poor judgment.  This will undoubtedly result in a NJ gun charge if the information which has been reported is correct.  Lets hope this is the last chapter of this story.

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