That Chocolate Was Just Too Sweet

Alcoholism and DWI are obviously terms which individuals might correlate but chocoholism probably is not. Chocoholism is the addiction to chocolate, at least in theory.  The question which one might ask is what does an addiction to chocolate have to do with DWI?  I thought nothing until I read the recent report in an Australian newspaper wherein it was claimed that a DWI resulted from chocolate.  I have heard many defenses espoused by NJ DWI Defense Attorneys but never chocolate.

The Aussie DWI defendant apparently had a blood alcohol concentration of almost .20. She claimed that the intoxication was caused by excessive consumption of liqueur contained chocolates. The argument failed to work any sweet magic.
All kidding aside, our NJ DWI Defense Lawyers hear stories all the time about how foreign substances effect breath test readings.  Most recently, we have been confronted with multiple cases involving breath test readings distorted by invisalign braces. This is obviously a far cry from chocolate intoxication but the point is that individuals can become intoxicated or, more frequently, have elevated BAC readings because of something they ingested, were exposed to, or that was in their mouth.  I am happy to report that we have been able to get some sweet satisfaction in these cases.

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