Vito’s DWI Is Still a Hot Topic

The NY Post posted its letters to the editor on the subject of Vito Fosella’s DWI.  There have been a litany of descriptions all over the press concerning the perception of the Senator following his arrest.  He has been described as, among other things, “disgraced” and “humiliated” as a result of his DWI while in office. The letters took issue with the lack of compassion for Fosella.

I have to agree with the comments of the writers.  While a DWI is a serious offense, we find all segments of our society in our office seeking defense representation for this charge – doctors, educators, etc.  In fact, New Jersey has even had Superior Court, Appellate Division and/or Supreme Court Jurists who have been issued DWI summonses.  People make mistakes and thankfully no one was injured by the Senator.  I certainly believe that more good could have been accomplished by the Senator on this issue had he remained in office.  I am sure there are many with a much different view.  

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